Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bath time is a nightmare

It has been a every day thing to remind, scold, reprimand Little DinoEgg for the things he do during bath time. It always started when the water splashes down onto him till he got dressed. I mean, I know how water excites him but to the extend of going crazy or defying any instructions or warning of safety is exasperating.

Today its my turn to bath Little DinoEgg, not really bath but half supervising since he knows how to do it though not perfect according to my standard.

He was, as usual, twisting, dancing, shaking his bum-bum while shampooing, washing off the shampoo, lathering his body with the shower foam. After he had done that its my turn to help him wash his feet n back. I was holding on to his right arm while washing his feet, he decides to do the Twist, forgetting that his feet are soapy n slippery and so he slipped n fell. My natural reflex is to hold on his arms tighter n lift my arms up to prevent him from getting a hard fall. This is wrong coz I would have dislocate his shoulder (ok ok I just saw my first aid knowledge flew out of the bath room window).

Other then a hard fall on his bum-bum, my thumbnail grazed against his forehead leave a 6cm deep scratch T.T I was heart pained n angry with Little DinoEgg. This fella got a shock for like 15secs then he is back to his usual self, totally thrown the slip+fall+scratched way back of his mind.

It was a bad scratch from the forehead to the area in between his eyes. No blood was drawn but its all red. Slapped a thick coat of Dr Lily's Aloe Vera gel to sooth the scar n hasten the healing.

As for my "serves you right" lecture, it too was thrown all the way to the back of his head.

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