Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lost my tongue

Was trying to make Little DinoEgg go to bed earlier but without success. Not even when I told him that we are going to the Big Playground the next morning with Auntie Chris. I was not happy and I told him that since he is not sleeping then he is not going to the Big Playground. He was upset, whinning n crying n kicking on the bed. I kept my silence, he calmed down but still would not close his eyes to fall asleep.

I left the room with out saying anything.

3 hours later he came out of the room to go to the toilet. I was still awake watching tv, went to the toilet to switch on the lights for him. The 1st thing he say is "Mummy I wanna go to the Big Playground." n gave me a :( face. Me, with a little bit of fuzzy brain told him "Well, you are not sleeping so how can we go?" And he replied (while trying to pull up his diaper) "How can I sleep when I have to go to the toilet to pee?"


To cover up my blunder I asked him whether he was sleeping just now. hahaha~~ its obviously he was coz he was blur eyed.


My kid just caught me tongue tied.

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