Saturday, September 25, 2010

Swimming Lesson#2

We missed last week's lesson becoz of the mild stomach flu. It rained heavily this morning, I thought we have to miss today's lesson again, but the sky cleared in the afternoon. We were late for class.... again... Next week we shall leave the house 15mins earlier.

Coach let Little DinoEgg do the usual; practice blowing bubbles while lying chest down at the edge of the pool but this time he insist he put his face further into the water, at one point he was pushing his head gently into the water. And today he uses the kick float! 1 step further :)

I did not stay there to watch as it was a hot day and the sun rays are at EVERYWHERE ! Even at the shelters :( I escaped to MacMac for a cold drink and air con, even though I have to pay for the $2 entrance fee again.

Before I knew it, its time to head back to the pool to fetch Little DinoEgg, who evidently had a fun time.

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