Sunday, September 5, 2010

Toilet Training again

This is the dunno-how-many-times we are starting to toilet train Little DinoEgg again. Daddy woke him up at Saturday morning 2am to get him to visit the toilet, later that morning he woke up dry.

We were too tired to do so this morning and Little DinoEgg came out of the room holding on to the corners of his shirt crying. His shirt and underwear are wet... I comfort him abit and told him that he has forgotten to wake up to go to toilet thats why his shirt and underwear are wet. He disagree by saying "No, its daddy! He did not wake me up to make me go toilet."

Oh dear! He thinks its our job to wake him up instead of him waking up on his own to visit the toilet. Must try to change his thinking otherwise this is going no where.

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