Saturday, October 2, 2010

Swimming Lesson#3

Its such a hot hot hot day! Our 15mins walk to the swimming complex seems like eternity! I decided to carry Little DinoEgg as its way too hot for him to walk even though he's got his hat on, its way to hot for little him! On top of that, we were LATE. Must make sure next week we start to get ready 15mins earlier.

By the time Little DinoEgg changed into his swimming suite and reach the pool, its 10mins passed the class time =.=

Coach R made Little DinoEgg do the bubble blowing while lying down & kicking water. Then he made Little DinoEgg do the back float~ I saw hesitation in his face when Coach R told him what he wants him to do, I think Coach R saw it too, so he showed it to Little DinoEgg. That assured him and he put all trust on Coach R (to hold him in case he sink) n lie back.

I left the pool after 10mins or so to escape from the heat. Went out of the pool premises and head off to MacMac for some food n icy cold cola~ I ordered kids meal, for the toy (yeah, I'm a mum with a boy who is delighted with any new toy I gave him, even fast food "free" toys =P )

When I am back at the pool, Coach R was putting on the back float onto Little DinoEgg. He is teaching him to hold on to the kick float and do the kick while balancing himself in the water.

For the last exercise, Coach R wanted them to stand up and jump into the pool where he is standing. K did it effortlessly, Little DinoEgg jumped in happily though he still does not know how to float or swim. His Indian classmate was afraid... he stood at the pool not daring to move a muscle. Coach R was encouraging him, K was shouting "jump jump!", Little DinoEgg was sitting down beside him, shouting "jump in
! quick! jump in like a frog!", the adults were shouting encouraging words, even going "1-2-3~ Jump!" but he dun want to move *faintz*

Suddenly, a shadow dashes out from my left towards the pool and everyone goes "OH NO!" Little Indian boy's grandma just shoved him into the pool! That really shocked me! O M G ! ! ! And yeah, the boy went in while in shocked n came out of the pool crying... Thanks Grandma =.=

We took a slow walk back home with Little DinoEgg enjoying the packet of Apple Dippers. Lucky I have this as Little DinoEgg was saying he is very hungry after we showered n dressed. Apple Dippers to munch n last till dinner time in an hour or so.

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