Saturday, October 23, 2010

Swimming T4 Lesson#1

No swimming lesson last week coz its term break. Today Little DinoEgg was excited about going swimming. I was determined NOT to be late starting from today, thus I asked Daddy to wake Little DinoEgg up from his nap at 3pm. By 330pm we are out of the house, walking happily towards the swimming complex. Happily coz Little DinoEgg had enough nap, woke up without much fuss, the weather is warm but no scorching sun. Walking walking hearing thunder from far away, happy happy joking on the way. Then I felt it... a BIG drop of rain drop on my shoulder! And we ran n ran n ran coz there are NO shelter till we reach the swimming complex!

We managed to reach the swimming complex without getting drenched, but we were unable to go into the swimming pool! Its closed due to the thunder & lightning :( All we can do is WAIT... wait for the life guards to announce the pool being safe. We sat inside the community centre reception area while watching tv. I tried to entertain Little DinoEgg but as the clocks keeps on ticking, his patience is running out. He keeps saying he wants to go into the pool, to find Coach R, to swim etc etc. I told him we can't go in coz the pool is close due to the rain and thunder, he is not convinced (even though he can see alot of pple waiting outside the pool).

Finally Charmaine sms to say class is canceled due to the weather, we got ready to leave but then the pool is open. Little DinoEgg insist on going into the pool even though I told him class is canceled. He started to throw temper.... I understand his feelings so I thought maybe when we find Coach R and let him tell Little DinoEgg that there is no class, then he will be convinced and we can go home. While walking towards the covered pool area, Little DinoEgg's emotion welled up... he started to stomp his feet, tears flowing n saying "I never get to have any fun!" Then he sat down on the floor n kick his legs *sigh* I did not scold him for that, instead I told him to breath in a couple of times, calm down n tell me what is wrong. He told me he wanted to swim, which I answered that we are going to find Coach R.

We managed to find Coach R who just took his bag and leaving the pool. I told him what happened, he was nice, he told Little DinoEgg no class and say he will bring him to buy sweets, ice creams instead but Little DinoEgg only stared at him with a sad look. After few more tries n coaxing, still no reply from Little DinoEgg, he finally give in! He told him to go n change into his swimming suite and this time Little DinoEgg SMILE happily! OMG!!!!

So here he is, happily swimming n having a great time.

PS : Photo quality is bad coz it was taken using my Samsung phone with not so great camera features. Makes it worst when I zoomed in n the flash fail to help "brighten" the photo.

And you know what? His classmates were upset that the class is canceled, all of them came in after the pool is opened @ 4.45pm hoping to have class, even the kids from 5pm class. In the end every one joined in the 1 class and everyone had a great time.

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