Saturday, November 13, 2010

Swimmg T4 Lesson#4

Big advancement today! Little DinoEgg is swimming on his own! Coach R let him try to swim with his "bat man wings" and he did good. Thus he made him swim to 1/3 of the pool and back a few times. He is so happy to be "free" to swim, smiling so ever happy.

Another great improvement is~~~ Little DinoEgg finally did a jump into the water! At first he squat at the poolside as usual, not jumping in when Coach R tells him to. I guess Coach R told him that if he do not jump in, he will get Tristen to push him in (I was sitting quite a distance away). He did not budge, so Tristen gave him a shove and SPLASH! he went into the water and into Coach R's arms! I was so afraid that he will start crying and scolding Tristen but he did not *phew* Instead he went back up and then jump in by himself again! Good Job Son!

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