Saturday, November 6, 2010

Swimming T4 Lesson#3

Dark clouds, thunder roaring far away and soon its drizzling. We moved into the covered pool to continue the lesson.

Little DinoEgg is swimming with two floats under each arms; Coach R says its his "Bat man wings" LOL Coach R made him swim while he hold on to him lightly by the waist, maneuvering him when he swim off course.

When its time for the "jumping into the pool" time, Little DinoEgg did not fare very well. He still does not want to jump in when instructed. Coach R has to encourage/persuade/threaten and finally leave him alone and go to the other classmates. I took this chance to talk to Little DinoEgg. He says the water is very cold thus he do not want to go in. I told him that if he goes into the water n starts swimming he will not feel cold, but he refuse :( Running out of reasons I threaten him (ok thats not the best tactic); either you jump in or I push him in. That freaked him out and he starts wailing (ok my fault).

After a while I managed to calm him down and eventually he did a small tiny leap into the pool and into Coach R's arms where he swim back to the poolside. I must try to make him jump into the water (like the 1st time where he jump into with a big leap and without any fear) without any hesitation.

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