Saturday, November 27, 2010

"Zoinks & Double Zoinks!"

This is currently Little DinoEgg's favourite cartoon besides Ben10. At least its better then Ben10, no aliens, fighting, kicking etc. However there are "ghosts" and "monsters". He was watching the show excitedly and then covering his face with his hands OR run away from the tv when the "ghosts" and "monsters" come out. I have to reassure him that its all fake, there are always someone pretending to be a "ghost" or "monster", as in Halloween where pple wear masks n play pretend. Took him a few weeks to come to terms to that n not be scared.

Then he got caught up with Shaggy's favourite word "Zoinks!" =.= Well its better then pretending to turn the Omitrix and turn into XLR8 and run amok in the house lol

So far, every morning when he has washed up n changed into his uniform, he will be sitting in front of the tv watching Scooby Doo that starts at 7am in Boomerang till he leaves for school at 8am+.

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