Saturday, December 4, 2010

Swimming T4 Lesson#6

I thought Little DinoEgg will be too tired to go swimming after this morning's grad concert and missing his nap. Well, he is full of energy and was eager to go for swimming lesson.

The class starts with the usual kicking and bubbles blowing. Then its "batman" time~ Later Coach R wants him to use 1 board to swim instead. Little DinoEgg is suppose to hold on the board and kick. He was doing ok initially then he suddenly overturn n took a few gulps of water. Coach R says that he shld just hold onto the board in a relax mood and not grab the board too tight. He "capsize" because he grabbed too tightly, leaning on the board n forcing it down into the water thus losing his balance.

Oh we also have a new friend today, 1st class, hopefully he will stay.

Receives a sad news that Coach R will not be teaching next term, he will be leaving SwimLab. Little DinoEgg is kinda attached to him. I told him that Coach R will not be teaching him soon, ask if he is ok with it. He just ask whether Coach R is going away, then reply that he is ok with a new coach. I think he still do not understand or did not register that, will have to see how things turns out in the new term *keeping fingers crossed*

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