Saturday, December 18, 2010

Swimming T4 Lesson#8

Today is last class with Coach R :( He is leaving SwimLab. Next year it will be a new coach, still do not know who yet as the schedule is not out yet. I hope Little DinoEgg takes on well with the new coach, otherwise I will have trouble... Either stop swim class OR find Coach R, which I am not favourable coz his class starts at 3pm which is Little DinoEgg's nap time. We shall see how it goes in January 2011.

Coach R taught Little DinoEgg to swim with 1 board instead of the "bat man wings" style. He managed to stay afloat (the last time he pressed onto the board so hard that he over turned), but he just couldn't swim forward though he is kicking very hard. Needs some more practice.

He makes the kids sit on the pool edge, put their feet against the wall, he wants them to stretch out their arms then use their feet to push against the wall and into the water. As usual, Little DinoEgg did not dare to do it the 1st time Coach R tells him to. Actually non of the other 2 kids dare to do too hahaha~ Only E managed to do it with alot of persuasion and a little tug at the fingers by Coach R. It was after seeing E do it that Little DinoEgg decides that he can do it too. And he did :) also with a little tug on the fingers by Coach R.

Before long, it was end of the class. Coach R gave each of the kids parting instructions, telling them about their weakness, to pay attention and to listen to the new coach. His instructions to Little DinoEgg?? "Dun talk so much, listen to instructions. You are progressing very slow, must practice more ok?"

Although its Coach R's last class with us, we will still be able to see him around the pool =)

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