Saturday, December 25, 2010

New Lego vehicle

Kids can't wait to open up the pressies the minute they wake up on Christmas day. Not our Little DinoEgg... he wanted his gingerbread cookie, request for his tv, watched it for like 5mins then bug me to open up the new Lego toy I bought for him ytd =.= I told him that he can only open up the Lego after Auntie Koh vacuumed and mopped the floor. And what did this little boy do?? He went up to Auntie Koh and keep asking her when is she going home... OMG!! He wanted to play with the Lego so much that he is "chasing" Auntie Koh home!

I bought this for him while waiting for Sis.

Lego Repair Truck

The minute I told Little DinoEgg that I am ready to open up the new Lego n help him fix it up, he was jumping up with joy. He fixed up the lamp post, then I told him I will fix up the repair truck. He happily went to his room to take out his box of Lego, took out the vehicles, houses etc and starts playing. Of coz in between he will be asking if the truck is ready. Impatient little fella =)

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