Saturday, February 27, 2010

You are not listening to Instructions!

I am getting vexed n frustrated with Little DinoEgg's performance and behavior in Boogie Bug class. He is misbehaving very badly, does not follow instructions, gets petty n upsets when he could not get that musical instrument or particular round mat and even the spot he wanted to stand in the circle or line.

When its time for the listening to the music and do the action he could follow like 3 mins and he will start to do his own movements, 10mins into the song n he totally lost it... He will be running around or half a beat slower or totally distracted. Many a times I have to grab him n bring him back to the reality. Sometimes he affects his classmates too, making them to stare at him instead of paying attention to Mark or Reuben.

Not too sure what I have to do with him, my numerous reminder before we step into the class was thrown to the back of his mind once he gets all excited. How how how??? Teach me! Show me some light!

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

CNY Gathering with Sec School Mates

Its been a long time since we had friends over, so I thought I invite the girls to our place for a steam boat dinner. Invited Joanne, Joirene, Chris & Nancy plus their family but only Joirene & Chris is available.

Dinner time was set at 6plus and we expect the girls to arrive latest by 6pm, Chris, Steve & the girls were here first, but we waited till 7pm+ and still no sign of Joirene.... Our text n calls were unanswered. Look at the table full of yummy food!!! And we can only SEE but cannot EAT *what a torture*

While waiting for Joirene & her kids, the kids had some fun time playing with the creative blocks. Look at the Princess crown & fairy wand Jann made!

We decided to start first coz we are really very hungry especially the kids. A while later Joirene arrived with Chloe & Caitlan. All of us attack the food mercelessly hahaha~

I am glad that every one enjoy the food, almost finish them :) After the very full dinner, we sat down to chat *and hunt* while the kids play amongst themselves. The girls stayed till close to 11pm then went home. We had a wonderful time, hope the rest did too~

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lousy CNY weekend!

It was not a very happy lunar new year to me. Little DinoEgg has been misbehaving since the 1st day of CNY! Makes me n daddy so mad that we caned him, regardless of the old pple saying "cannot beat or cane child on CNY" coz its bad luck. However, if we do not discipline him there and then on the spot, I think he will become worst!

He did all the wrong things in these 3 days; beat back daddy when he smack his hands, sat down kick legs n cry, jumping on the spot in protest n crying, shouted at us. When I told him to go n sit at the naughty corner, he shouted very loudly NO follow up stomping his feet.

The results of all the above? Daddy threw away the jelly (which was the caused of the 1st misbehavior from Little DinoEgg) n I threw him out of the house, left him at the corridor for like 5mins.

Well, when a raging me opened the door to throw Little DinoEgg out of the house, the God of Fortune was outside knocking at my neighbour's house. He is not the REAL God of Fortune, he is just someone dressed up like him, 1 of the event by the RC i would think. Anyway I think they did not stay long since Little DinoEgg was screaming n crying on top of his lungs outside wahahha~ Scared the God of Fortune away.

And I found out from the gang that their 3 yr olds are not behaving too! All of them got caned/punished during these first 3 days of CNY. Whats with the 2006 kids! All gang up and decided to make a hellish Year of Tiger for the parents!?!?!?!

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Creamy Carrot Soup

My 1st attempt with the creamy carrot soup is a success~ sort of kekeke~

I put too much rice in it so I only scoope some to be blended with the carrots, onions n celery.

2-3 carrots
1 stalk of celery
1 white onion
1 handful of rice

Boil all the ingredients with some veggie stocks till its all soft. Let it cool off then put them into the blender. Blend till the texture is smooth. Return to the pot to boil and serve.

Wanted to cook for Little DinoEgg to drink as lunch but daddy bring him to great granny's house. So I cook, store the soup in an air ticket container n put them in the chiller to be consumed later next week :)

Oh and my dinner today is carrot celery onion porridge hahaha~ Yummy!

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1st overnite diaperless

The gang are coming over to play mahjong so I thought I'd let Little DinoEgg try going to bed without diaper since I would be sleeping so early too.

And it was success! I woke him up to pee once at the wee hours and then all the way till morning. No wet bed n clothes :)

So, we can try to train him in full force *yeah*

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