Sunday, February 27, 2011

Swimming 2011 Month#2 Lesson#3

We couldn't make it early today for the swim in the smaller pool coz we were unable to get a cab. Waited for 15 mins before we were able to hop onto a cab, by the time we reach the pool, its already lesson time.

Little DinoEgg is still not going into the water on his own, still need Coach R to pull him down by the board. After a few times, Coach R did some thing smart. He pretend to pull him down but in fact only touching the board and Little DinoEgg went into the water. The next round when Little DinoEgg waits for him to pull him down, Coach R told him off "U come down yourself. Its the same whether I pull you down or u come down yourself!", refuse to help him this time. Little DinoEgg has got no choice but to go into the water on his own.


Still need Coach to swim besides him

After a few rounds of swimming with board n practicing blowing bubbles, Coach got him to swim without board. He gets into the water without any hesitation.

Lastly Coach R teach him free style again. Instead of doing 1 pull of one arm, he wanted him to do with both his arms. He did it beautifully, not perfect but acceptable, but he forgot to kick when he moves his arms.

Class ended with him doing 4 pulls =) Off he went dashing to the smaller pool.

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