Monday, March 7, 2011

Steamboat Khakis

We were yakking in facebook n decided to arranged for a pig out session, just the 3 of us since we were talking to each other. Actually we were talking about FOOD (glorious food!) and have a sudden crave of steam boat in super spicy 麻辣 style. You can practically see us salivating while talking hahaha~ So a date n time was set in record breaking time, and here we are at Chong Qing Hot Pot @ Suntec City.

we were on the dot, hungry n going crazy, have to keep ourselves occupied and not think of the FOOD.

And when Her Majesty made her grand entrance~~ All "hell" breaks loose!!! The ever friendly waitress who took our order decides to make things easy for us by suggesting that she help us to order some normal dishes to start off with, then we just add in any other dish later. Good idea! Especially when you have 2 very hungry ladies who are ready to swallow the food, pot n every thing.

When the mountain of food (I am not kidding you!), we literally just dump all into the pot, more on the spicy side since its what started this pigging out session.

All in, ALL IN!

Eating n joking n sharing news... I took the opportunity to snap these 2 shots haha~ Revenge is SWEET! Chris! I've got your unglam photo! Renee, dun come after me ok! However, I'm sure you have 1 unglam photo of me inside ur little camera you brought along *^^*

*munch munch chew chew*

I can't imagine the amount of food we (the 3 ladies) ate! We had cockles, (sinful! All Renee's fault), which I never had a chance to order when having steamboat with other friends. I was surprised that these 2 ladies wanted pork bellies too. I thought I was the only one who heck care what unhealthy n fatty food I stuffed into my body hahaha~

As usual, we ate n drink till nearing closing time. I was so full so full so full that I think I'll just skip breakfast & lunch tomorrow. Hmm.... this was suppose to be a eat-while-catching-things-up session but where are the catching up? I guess the food must have chased it away.

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