Sunday, May 22, 2011

Swimming 2011 Month#5 Lesson#3

I've decided to get a new board for Little DinoEgg since the current one is not making him perform well in the free style stroke. Didn't managed to get it over the week so a quick trip to Kiddy Palace to grab one this morning. He was very excited to get the board, same board as Coach R, I was excited too! Wonder whether it will really help him to gain more confidence in his swimming.

All excited, we head off to swimming class later. Well, new board need getting used to. Little DinoEgg jumped into the water holding the board slightly angled downwards n the force sort of hit the board upwards suddenly causing him to lose his balance. A little instruction from me solve the problem.

He's soon off swimming happily, with his new board n practicing free style in confidence!

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