Sunday, June 5, 2011

Swimming 2011 Month#6 Lesson#1

We left the pool barely 10mins into the lesson.

I did not see what happened but Little DinoEgg was in the water doing the warm up laps. I just turn my head away from the pool to talk to Catherine when I hear him screaming for Coach R. I turned back and saw him struggling in the water, Coach R walking towards him. Then Little DinoEgg shouted "Its D!!" He has accused D of pulling his legs when he was swimming BUT D was sitting on the ledge at the other end so it was definitely not her. Coach R tried to explained to him but he was not listening, starts to wail n raises his voice and he sends him to me.

I tried to calm him down, make him lower his voice etc but it does not work. Getting frustrated and fed up I dragged him away, telling him that we are going home RIGHT NOW! Of course when he realized that I was not only verbal threatening or warning but REALLY leaving the pool, he fought back, refusing to stand or walk. So I dragged him along ignoring his pleads, wail, cry etc etc. I am very tired of such things happening again n again on every Sundays. It makes him cant enjoy and learn swimming (which was my intention), and turns my Sundays lousy.

When we reached home I told him very clearly n sternly that he is not going for swimming lessons any more since he chose to show his bad n rude behaviour during the lesson. Later that night i text Coach R that we will be stopping swimming as I think I need to deal with his temper tantrums n anger issue before anything else. I was exasperated n dejected. Most of all I was tired of all these, it makes my scream at him more often, something that I would not want to do it. Its time I settle this once and for all, otherwise it will get out of hand (it is actually going out of hand but still within control).

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