Friday, July 8, 2011

Filler & Calmness

Daily reminder of Bucket Filler and Calming Breathing have indeed make Little DinoEgg a better boy.

Whenever I have a chance, I'll asked Teacher Siti, 沙老师 and Teacher Sue about his behaviour. Of course he still goes into harmless kiddish squabbles with his handful of best pals or his sudden spur of naughtiness and mischievous acts. But no more shouting n screaming at the top of his voice to show his anger and unhappiness.

Just now I casually asked Teacher Sue when I was in the school fetching him. She paused and think for a few seconds then say "He is good, no complains from Teacher Siti." I was happy, if she paused to try to remember means Little DinoEgg definitely is behaving and was not sent to her room to calm down. I don't know why, but since he started N2, no teachers can handle him, he always ended up in Teacher Sue's room where she will talk to him quietly.

At last~ I can breath a little bit easier. And so I decided that its time for him to return to the pool.

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