Monday, July 18, 2011

"I buy for u"

I was browsing Zakka and happen to click on this owl pendant, Little DinoEgg saw this immediately shouted "Mummy! This is nice!! Buy!" I replied "It cost $10 and I don't have money to buy it." (give a sad face)

Little DinoEgg quickly run to get his spidy coin box, open it n dig through the box trying to find a $10 note. All he can find is $50 notes, and he looked worried. Then he went off to find daddy "Daddy! Can I take $10 from you, I'll give you $50." (hmm... not a fair "exchange") Daddy asked him and he told him that he wants to give me $10 to buy something. Daddy says to take $10 from his wallet which he did, then he really took the $50 from his spidy box n put it into daddy's wallet. He gave me the $10 and told me that now I have money to buy that pretty owl. So sweet right?

Of course the $10 eventually ends up in his spidy box hahaha~

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