Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2011 Teacher's Day gift

Every year I always wonder what to get for the teachers. I wanted to get something useful and not too expensive. This year, I searched one of the popular parenting forum's Bulk Purchase corner and came upon some recycle folderable bags from Cheerybox. Both of these 2 type is $5.90, very reasonable.

A pile of bags, all 15 of them!

Finished "wrapping" them

Final product, ready to be given to Teachers!

I did not get any for myself though i was very tempted, but i got 2 free ones from Cheerybox~~ They happened to have a stall at a flea market in Tampines, I choose to collect the bags coz I was afraid mailing will take too long. I made a trip down, came home, check the bags (wallet type) and found that the zip does not work well in 4 of the bags. I sent an email to them and they replied very fast, told me to go down to change. As an apology, they gave me 2 bags (1 pouch type n 1 haversack type), for making extra trip down and spending about $40 on taxi fare. So now I have my own recycle folderable bags ^^, which I know I will find them very useful.

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