Saturday, October 8, 2011

Teacher's Little Helper

I left Little DinoEgg with Teacher Shin of WowArt n went off to run my errands. Came back @ 12.20pm and saw that there were no kids in the school. Silly me, I have remembered the wrong time, class ends at 12.15pm instead of 12.30pm. Was still so proud at myself for making it back on time *duhz*

I saw Little DinoEgg running out from the toilet with a bucket n some brushes in his hand. Teacher Shin says he is helping her cleaning the brushes n tidying up. She was all praises of him! She says he is very helpful, understand and follow her instructions very well. And [quote] "He is the first child that I do not need to teach him how to fold the apron." [unquote] Wow! I'm amazed and very proud of my son! Although I would love him to show such helpfulness and thoughtfulness @ me. No such luck yet hahaha~

I am glad that Little DinoEgg is enjoying his art class, I am relieved that the Teacher Shin and the other teachers does not find him too chatty too noisy too disruptive too independent. Shudders at that teacher's face & comments at the previous class conducted at Seng Kang community centre. I am glad that I made a right decision to stop that class after a term of lesson. Now, I can be sure that Little DinoEgg will have the correct guidance in drawing & painting. A chance for his little mind to think and explore, to see the world through his eyes.

No more copied drawings!
(This is what he did when he was with the community centre class)

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