Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Dinner

I received a new recipe book from a friend in March 2012 and has been wanting to try my hands on the dishes but haven't got a chance till today.  We went grocery shopping yesterday and managed to get all the ingredients needed.

It only take 2 hours in the late morning to prepare the chicken feet & button mushroom soup and the Osmanthus Soy Sauce chicken, boil them for like 30mins and left them with my Shuttle Chef to do its magic.  Another 2 hours in the evening for the other 2 dishes.  It takes quite a while for the Sour & Spicy Brinjal coz I have to wait for it to cool down before I can tear out the skin *hot hot... burnt fingers* 

The best dish is the Osmanthus Soy Sauce Chicken.  Cooking it with Shuttle Chef has retained its moisture thus making the meat soft n tender.  The chicken has a faint taste of the osmanthus n rice wine, 

Next dish is the Sour & Spicy Brinjol, it tasted very sour coz I did not put the chilli in as I want Little DinoEgg to eat this too.  Nevermind the sourness, Little DinoEgg enjoy the... fried shrimp.... better then he don't touch this dish right?  He actually did try the brinjal but too sour for his liking.

The failure dish is the Beer Steamed Mussels *cringed*  The mussels are not fresh, thus they have a stinko smell *pinch nose*, mix that with the'll frown with every bite on the mussel.  We bought them mussels from Sheng Siong, it looked fresh, smell fresh (yeah we smell it just to be sure), guess it turned a little bit bad after a night with us :(

The chicken button mushroom soup was a simple one.  However I added in wolfberries 枸杞, Sweet and Bitter Apricot Kernels 南北杏 and Solomon’s Seal Rhizome 玉竹.  Wolfberries for eye sight and the other 2 are for nourishing lungs since me and daddy are having persistent cough for the pass week.

Regardless of the failure dish, it was a good & hearty meal.  

Daddy posted in his FB after dinner "Home cooked meal is the best! Especially when it's prepared by dear wife. Thank you for the nice delicious dinner : ) "  Feels so great to be appreciated for the effort I made in preparing the dinner.  

Can't wait for us to move into our new house where I can try my hands on our new oven.

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