Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shopping Saturday

We decided to head off to Orchard Central for dinner at Genki Sushi, 1 of Little DinoEgg's favourite restaurant. He's been asking me to bring him there since last month, we just did not have the chance since we are always buying groceries at Sheng Siong while he is at his art class and have to go home after the class otherwise our fresh meat n fish will be spoilt :)

While walking outside OC (Orchard Central) Little DinoEgg took this photo of us. Sweet! Love this photo! Daddy says his photograph taking skill is improving, I think its just "luck" that he takes such a better photo haha~

After a sumptuous meal at Genki Sushi, we head off for some shopping. Daddy wants me to go n see my Dream Bag, I would like to go n take how exactly it look like as I only see it on photo in the web. Seeing the real thing makes me change my mind. Dream Bag is not so Dream Bag after all :( I wanted to leave the shop but daddy insist that I look around and see if I fancy any other bag. 1 did :) but it was a whooping $1450!!! Feeling the pinch, I do not want to get it but daddy insist. He says the shape n color suits me, plus I like the size. Daddy wants to buy it as a gift for me, so I said Ok =)

          Ex Dream Bag                          This went home with me

Its Toyrus next as I have a $10 voucher to collect, thinking of buying toys for Little DinoEgg, been some time since we buy new toys for his good behaviour. I was thinking of one or two but daddy, feeling generous today (maybe he think he is Santa Clause) told Little DinoEgg that he can chose FIVE Ben10 figurines! Wow~ thats alot of money!! Anyway, he's the one paying so I have no say. We even buy a balloon toy, 1 for him and 1 for his little cousin.

Ended the day with a happy mum, a happy 6yr old and a happy daddy. 

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