Friday, April 20, 2012

Shopping for the New Nest

We've been putting off shopping for our furnitures & electronic appliances for a couple of week due to work n some stuffs tt came up at last minute.  Now that the renovation is done with only minor repairs (contractors are abit clumsy), we decided to kick our butts and get on with it.  So we dropped Little DinoEgg at Granny's then head off to Courts Tampines.

However, before we start our hunt, we have to take care of our stomach, we are FAMISHED!!!  Not sure whether Courts have restaurants or food court and don't want to head off to Giant food court coz we know it will be packed, we took our chance with Ikea hoping that it will be less crowded.  Surprisingly its not jam packed, perhaps its still early... we reached there slightly before 7pm.

Baked Chicken Leg
Wow, this is the 1st time both of us are at Courts Tampines!! We look so lost... I am so busy!  Busy taking in all the beautiful appliances, furnitures and everything!  How I wish I can buy all those that fancy me instead of only those that we need.  Ok ok... back to REALITY *sigh*  A check on our list and we are out HUNTING.

After 2hrs of walking, standing, discussing, talking we are finally done!  4 big items settled =)  Happy us!  


We also saw a blender n kettle but they were at 1st floor, it was too late to go down to arrange for the blender to be added to our items as it was closing time when we were settling the payment of our items.  The Courts guys are eagerly ready to go home.   Anyway the kettle is out of stock now till not sure when *sulk* we'll just have to try our luck 2 weeks later.


For now, I am happy with our shopping today.  Cant wait for them to be delivered to our new house 3 weeks later. *Excited* 

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