Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An Auntie Ranting

We always hear women commenting that they lost themselves after the little one(s) is born or how work, home, taking care of the baby/family leave them no time for themselves. As the years goes by, as you get used to the daily routine, as the little one grow up, you find more time on your hands. This is the time when women suddenly realized that they have neglected themselves so much that they do not recognize the person in the mirror. Suddenly they see themselves as fat, out of shape, old fashion or no sense of fashion, unkept hair, tired face etc etc. Some make changes gradually, doing thing 1 at a time and liking the new improved look before dealing with the next one. Some does it with a snap of the fingers, change every thing at the same time! Revamp the wardrobe, go for make over, change of hair style etc within the week or month.

Which ever the ways, I always feel that changes are good. We are, after all, young only once, if not now then when?

However... I feel that you should adapt a new look or lifestyle according to your age. Its one thing that you are lucky to look younger then your actual age, its another if you are lucky to look younger then your actual age AND wanna behave & dress up like an even younger age! Wearing a bikini top with work out pants to gym (excuse me, can u pls tuck in ur errmm.. FATS???), putting on a big pink bow clip on the head (Daisy or Minnie wannabe???), vixen eye make up (HELLO~ foxie on the loose!!!!) - are so NOT COOL!!! Its an eye sore!!!! *cringe*

If you are 30+ then look and dress like one, or the most late 20s, not like a teenager! Some clothes n style are best left to be explored and strutted about by some cute little teenage girls. You can be bold with colors but do it tactfully, please do not throw shocking pink n lemon yellow together and think tt its stylo *faintz*

And for goodness sake, look after your precious face too, you have but only ONE FACE. Look prim n proper, beautiful n stylish but the face... ya the face... dull, tired n sagging face... Age gracefully not drastically. Take care of it, you do not need to spend alot of time but perhaps have to spend alot on the face products *lol* but its money well spent, no?

Having said that, I must admit that I was once a woman who have no time n money for myself. Everything is focus on the little fella. I got a wake up call when I saw a photo of a friend, with no make up her face looks dull, cheeks sagging... she is 10yrs younger then me but she look like my age!!! GOSH! Freaked the hell out of me that I just have to share my fear with my bestie. Thank god that I do not look like my age, I take minimal care of my face for the pass years, slacking on the body though. So I dived into the creams n lotions for my face, hands & body. Look around for clothes that I like and change my style, no more boring black & white or solid colors top n bottoms, dresses with prints or color are my favorite now. I'm back to wearing heels instead of flats, recently change my hair style. I feel great about myself, even daddy say the change is good and I look better & prettier *melts my heart*

I am an auntie but I am a happy modern auntie hahaha~

Note : This post was generated when daddy showed me photos of some of our EX-friends at some kind of an event. I couldn't shake those horrendous images off my mind that I have to write something about it.

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  1. Your posts are interesting, this one included! A good reminder! So don't say your posts are boring lah :)

    1. Thanks! but I think all of you ladies' post are much more interesting then mine =)

  2. This is an good wake up call! :)

  3. Let's go be Auntie together.

    Join me, join me, don't shy!