Sunday, May 27, 2012

Blessing of our new house

Today is an auspicious day for house blessings.  Our Master came to our house at around 520pm with so many stuffs for the ritual.  The ritual takes about an hour with us kneeling down or sitting down till our knee caps are protesting.  Little DinoEgg, as usual, asks alot of questions and daddy has to shushed him many times.  Luckily he eventually quiet down and was able to stay through the ritual without any more out bursts from daddy.

Photo take after the ritual ended
Our Buddha in His new alter
Peony painting
 After the ritual and placing of our fengshui auspicious items, we also put up our Peony painting at a auspicious place.  The living room look instantly different the minute the painting is up.  It gives "live" to the sort of plain area and gives me a cosy and comfortable feeling about the living room.

Little DinoEgg & Buddha
Little DinoEgg insist on taking a photo with our Buddha.  Later, we asked him why and he smile sheepishly not knowing what to say, then he suddenly blurt out "Because I see the banana there, I want to take the banana."  This make me and daddy laugh out so loudly.  We know he is a big fan of bananas but giving us that as a reason is so funny.

Before the ritual starts, Master told us to think of good things that we want to receive in our house.  Daddy & me shared our "visions" when everything's ended.  He saw 弥勒佛 Maitreya Buddha or Happiness Buddha carrying a big bag of gold coming into our house *good sign*.  I saw *giggle* $$ <-- 2 big dollar signs of human size walking happily into our house *super good sign*, the Buddha for a flicker of moment then a smiling 观世音菩萨 Bodhisattva walking into our house with her vase of flower (I googled and it was said that She was suppose to hold in her hand either a willow branch, a vase with water or occasionally a lotus, now where did mine with flowers come from??)

Regardless, we feel at ease n happier with the house blessed.  Looking forward to many years of good fortune and luck, smooth & prosperous work & school life for us.

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