Sunday, June 24, 2012

端午节 Dragon Boat Festival 2012

Yesterday was Dragon Boat Festival 端午节, we went to collect some dumplings 粽子 from 6th Ah Yee and mum mid last week.  We've been eating dumpling almost daily since then.  Home made dumplings still are the best.

I had 2 dumplings as breakfast again today, what will my waistline say??? Ok at least I can skip lunch *BURP~~~

I happen to see this book "Celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival" in Popular, was passing my time browsing there while waiting for daddy & DinoEgg to reach Thomsom Plaza.  An interesting and informative book where they relate how the festival is celebrated, there is a simple dumpling 粽子 recipe (don't think its a full one so please check the web if you want to try your hands on making dumplings) and also tells the story behind dumplings. 

DinoEgg reading the book, enjoying it. I have yet to go into details about the festival but when we were at my mum's couple of days ago, I showed him the bamboo leaves mum bought for her dumplings.

He had his first taste of dumpling ytd (we rarely buy dumplings let alone bring it home so he does not have the chance to eat it on "normal" days) , half of it to be exact, after many attempts of offering it to him since we got our 1st batch of dumplings from 6th ah yee.  I guess Hunger wins so he relent and try. After he took the first bite, he says to me "Mummy, the dumpling is delicious.  I wouldn't have know it if I did not try it right?  Now that I try it, I like it, thank you mummy!"  

This morning I offer dumpling to him but he rejects it in a nice & polite way "No thanks, mummy."  I know that he has done what is expected of him when it comes to food; that is to try every food and not to say "Yucks" by looking at it or even before trying it.  Sometimes if he does not like what is in his plate he will tell us but he will still finish it, once he said "I will not waste food because there are other people who has no food on their table."  Well done son!  Good job daddy & me *proud*

Later the day it show how easy to make him do whatever I want just to help him do something.  He was building his Batman lego set n hit snag.  He came up to me for help, I was enjoying my dumpling n told him that I will help him after I am done.  I offer the dumpling to him and he backed off, I gave him The Look & jokingly tell him "take a bit lah." and then he did!  He burst out laughing and say I must help him now -read I eat dumpling u help me- I laugh out too.. silly son, I would have help you even if you did not take the bite.

So have your kids try the dumplings 粽子 yet?  How did they feel towards this sticky delicious savoury food?

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  1. Showed him the video clip chicken a la carte some time back so he knew what is hunger and poverty.

    1. Its good to show him so that he knows we are not trying to pull a fast one on him.

  2. Jenn, I really like your photos on the dumplings!!! Very nicely taken, especially the wrapped ones, with the minute detail I see - which is the 2 water droplets on the leaf. :) Love that! Happy dumpling festival!!!

    1. Thanks Adeline for the compliments! I don't think I will do much photo editing thingy... so tiring!!!! Mind boggling too!

      These are freshly steamed =)