Monday, June 11, 2012

A little alivated assistant

I've been having constant neckache n shoulder ache even though I go for my chiro faithfully.  Sometimes my back hurts too.  Today it dawned on me that perhaps the problem is right in front of my eyes!

I have been hunching or slouching at my chair for 8hrs daily while facing my computer!  So I took a big thick The Green Book (which by the way has been sitting in the cupboard for the pass few months) n put it under my monitor.  Instantly I feel relax.  Now I can lift up my head instead of crouching down. 

Of course I still have to do the Y.W.T.L exercise regularly daily to release tensions on my shoulder, neck n spine.  More walking around then sitting on the chair for long hours.  Hopefully the aches n pain will go away.

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