Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Members of Our Balcony

We went to IKEA last Friday with the intentions of buying some shelves for our many books, knickknacks n stuffs.  Did not managed to buy coz the one we wanted was OOS (never occur to me that this could happen in IKEA).  Instead we bought a few smaller things and this beautiful pot of False Heather @ $1.90 was one of them.  I like the beautiful pink small flowers, makes me feel perky n happy.

Cuphea hyssopifolia
( False Heather ) 

Tiny, compact shrublets with dainty summer flowers of pink, lavender and white. Also known as False Heather. Excellent tropical accent to flower beds or formal borders. Beautiful color in pots with some light shade. Prefers constantly moist soil. Full to partial sun produces best growth and flowering results. This shrub is a native of Mexico and Guatemala.
(above info taken from BackyardGardener.com)

Here is how our balcony looks like now.    So far we only bought 2 pots (our lavender sitting on top and the false heather), Little DinoEgg brought home the other pots from his visits to Hort Park & Green Circle Eco farm visits.  The plants are still small in small pots.  We plan to add more pots of flowering plants including a mint - daddy likes their fragrance. Bare now but hopefully not for long.

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