Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Beginning for a Special Friend

This afternoon while having my lunch this special friend (I blogged about her here) text me with words of gratitude and happiness :)

I sent her the clothes (my stocks that I have been neglecting) on Wednesday and she received them but only have time to try them on today.  I received this from her;

I've tried on the clothes and they fit me perfectly.  Its been a long long time since I have new clothes and I have so much fun trying them on.  I didn't know that I can look good despite my size.  I didn't know I have so many choice.  I'm really very happy today!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you so much for the clothes!!!!  I'm just totally exhilarated!!!!

We exchanged a few SMS, with me wishing her all the best in her new job, to put bad experience behind, look forward and start a brand new life.  She say I'm an angel again *blush* and "Praise God to place you in my life." *awwwww*  Both of us agreed that it was Angeline who linked both of us together and really have to thanks her.

We agreed to stay in touch and I told her to give me a tinker if she needs anything =)  I am glad that she is feeling more confident and is in the right set of mind especially when she is starting her new job (I forgot to ask her when is her 1st day of work).  I truly hope that things will fall in the right places soon.

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The most touching words she said was "I can move on proudly!"

I wish her all the best!

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  1. She forwarded me that sms which she sent to you. She was really over the moon.
    I understand her situation completely because I was in those shoes in the past too. Its Angels like you who keep our candles of hope burning....strong.

    Thank you for helping my friend, who is now your friend too.

    1. It takes one to understand the situation =) Yupe I was there too.