Thursday, June 28, 2012

Snuggling Together

I had an interesting chat with some mummies and amongst the vast topics we are chatting, we shared the special "thing" we do with our kids.  Things our kids likes to do relaxing while manja aka cuddle with us, sleeping or falling to sleep.

1 mummy shared that her 8yr old likes cuddle up to her and play with her ear lobe, another one shares that her 9mth old girl likes to put her head on her tummy while she is sleeping.  

I listen and I smile.

Me & DinoEgg have our "thing" too.  He's been sleeping on our bed since he was a toddler.  We are usually the first to turn in while daddy is outside watching tv, so besides the usual bed time chat, he likes to hold my hand when he falls into sleep.  Either my hands covering his small hands or our 10 fingers crossed clasping each other's hands.

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Its such a calming feeling for me and I guess its the same for DinoEgg too. 
Comforting & reassuring.
Makes him fall asleep faster too.

Now that he has his own room & own bed, we seldom have the chance to do this.

Kinda missing those nights... maybe I'll snuggle with him on his bed tonight and hold hands till we both goes into our dreamland.

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  1. Awwwwwwwww!!

    Special bonds between mum and child :)

  2. So sweet!!!!!!

    Agree that there is low or no chance now that the kids moved to their own room. So we hug and kiss lots during the bedtime routine. Then hokd hub's hand to sleep, also comforting and reassuring, hehe :)

    ~~ Drop by from SMB blog roll ~~

    1. but the feeling is so different! Its more fuzzy n cuddly when u hold ur kids' hands :)

  3. Is that me in the mention?!!! hahaha... (if yes, she is 7th;p) Kids have their uniqueness and cuteness, don't they?

    Great another round of meeting up, make me less suagu. Really look forward to the next one:)

    1. Yupe is u! U say "its soooo painful!!" lol
      Shld plan for play dates :)