Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thankful Tuesday - My little Cheeky Boy

We always try to instill good habits on DinoEgg.  Since he is older we have always request him to put the cups at the kitchen top or near the kitchen sink after he's finished with it.  Recently we have requested him to do the same after he is done with the meals. 

Couple of days ago, after our tasty dinner of Oven Grilled Pork Chop with Orange Juice, he got down from his chair, took his plate & utensils then walked over to where daddy was sitting and took a peep into daddy's cup.  Both of us saw what he did (we were already done with our dinner n relaxing on the sofa).

Daddy : You want to drink?
DinoEgg : No, I want to clear the cup.
Daddy : Oh~~ *chuckles* Its ok, daddy still wants the drink.
DinoEgg : -thinks for a sec-  Errmm... daddy can you please hurry up and finish your drink?
Daddy : Its ok, you can leave the cup, I will finish it later.

Instead of proceeding to the kitchen with his plate & utensils immediately, he did not move. 

Daddy : Do you want to drink it? 
DinoEgg : OKIE!  
and happily sips the Coca Cola in the cup then went off to the kitchen.

Both daddy & I laugh coz we know he was eyeing the drink from the start.  Sensing that something is not right.  He came back to us and said "I learn from 好公民 (Social Studies in English?) that we must always clear the table after our meals.  I'm being good and I cleared mine."

Yes dear son, we hear & see you but we know that you were tempted by the drink when u saw that there were some in the cup.  Its ok!  We know your are always trying you best to be a good boy and its ok to give in to *harmless* temptations.

Its moments like this that I feel that we have did well in our teaching plus disciplining DinoEgg.  There are tears & heartaches, the journeys are bitter but the results are sweet.  We are raising a better child for the future.

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  1. Clever boy!!

    He's one streetsmart fella. Knows how to get around things :)

    Well done you and Daniel!

    1. I hope he uses it wisely n for the good ways. In the current society its so easy to veer to Zee Dark Side.

  2. He is such a professor in the photo!! :p There are good and bad days. Just hope that you will experience more of such GOOD days with him!! :)

    1. Good days are MORE now *Thank God*

      must be tt freakingdamexpensive specs tt gives him tt look.