Thursday, June 21, 2012

An Unpleasant Dinner

Computer Clipart ImagesWe went to a famous neighbourhood restaurant for dinner couple of days ago and left the restaurant with more disappointment.  We frequent this restaurant as we like the food and mostly coz DinoEgg likes their Creamy Mushroom in Sourdough bread bowl.

This branch at our neighbourhood mall is always packed with people.  Sometimes we have to queue for 15mins just to get a seat.  When we are seated and ready to order, we always have to raise our hand for another 5mins or so before some waiter/waitress "happen to look at our direction" and attend to us.

Anyway, on this particular day, our orders were taken, ice water served, basket of utensils reached.  We are relaxing and waiting for our food.  About 10mins later the drinks came, 5mins later DinoEgg's Salmon & mushroom pasta was served followed by daddy's Crayfish pasta.  While both of them are enjoying their pasta, I was sipping my Coke Float feeling hungry.  Daddy waved for a waiter who came to our table (luckily we do not have to wait for another few mins for some one to notice us) n he asked about my pasta.  The waiter went off to check the system and came back telling us that we have only ordered TWO pastas & 3 drinks.  Instead of asking if he can add on the order he repeats that our order is ONLY two pasta.  Right I hear you the 1st time Dude!  Upon seeing our unpleasant face, he quickly say he will check with the kitchen and scurry off to send the Manager to our table (We did not ask to speak to the Manager).  Daddy told him in an unhappy tone that 1 order is missing n the Manager replied in an unpleasant tone too that he will look into it.  I explained to him that every time we visit the restaurant for dinner, most of the time there will be something that turn the dinner into an unhappy one coz there were bound to be missing food or drinks or something.  The Manager apologise for that (though his tone does not sound apologetic) and daddy lost his cool.  He said that they do not deserve any service charge if their level of service is this standard and he is unsatisfied with the staff's attitude.  The Manager said nothing and left our table.  A short while later my Laksa Aglio Olio with King Prawns were served.

Ok, I have to clarify the reasons for this outburst.  Every time we visit the restaurant we are always served by waiter/waitress who wish they are some where else rather then be right there at that moment serving customers.  They show a stoned expressionless face, even though we smile and talk nice to them its like getting slammed onto the wall.  And frankly, if you can scribble our order on pieces of small papers, repeat them to us correctly, why is it that items still goes missing?  Were their staffs paying full attention  when keying the order into the system?  Apparently NOT!  And for this case I saw there are 3 sets of fork & spoons in the utensil basket, so tell me, 3 sets for TWO pastas?  Payment is also an issue.  We give up trying to call for our bill and decides to head off to the cashier to pay.  We'll be able to make payment immediately IF there is some one at the counter, otherwise you just have to stand there and hope some one suddenly "discover" your existence. 

I took a look around and there are about 6 or 7 waiter/waitress serving, so is the manpower insufficient?  It seems that way since every one is always busy with something while there are always 2-3 customers raising or waving their hands to attract their attention.  We are a frequent customers to their branch in Thomson Plaza too, same situation but the staffs are slightly friendlier (perhaps lesser crowd, lesser queues n its in a more atas estate? *shrugs*).  To be crude, I did not go to a restaurant, spend on the food and be treated like some dirt or what by some one.

Seriously... I wonder why we succumb to our taste bud and return to that restaurant again and again.  The more I thought about it, the more it left a bad taste in my mouth *YUCK*  So what if they waive off the 10% service charge this time?  Mental note - No More Next Time!

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  1. Tell you already where you should go... haiz.


    1. dotz dotz dotz...
      tt day Daniel was asking me WHEN? I say this weekend? then he say But Regina won't be around right? I say Ya.... then silence... hahah~ so still dunno when going.

  2. grrrr..... reminds me of the time at my trip to a certain mussel restaurant that didn't serve our meal for an hour plus and when we left, the manager at the door could still chirped "please come back again!" duhz.....