Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dinner @ Buffet Town

We've been wanted to visit Buffet Town for their buffet but never has the opportunity to go, till today.  Daddy managed to get a table yesterday evening (there are usually fully booked on weekends, I thought it will be too) and I was very excited about it.

I took half day leave so that I can fetch DinoEgg home early, get ready and meet up with Daddy at the restaurant.  

When we were there at slightly over 7pm there is a long queue outside the restaurant, we managed to go in after a short while.  Daddy was already inside so we walked around to search for him.  The waiter in the front failed to tell us where is he sitting.

We settled down quickly and I went off with DinoEgg to get his food, here is his choice.

Enjoying his food

And these are our food!

Look at this HUGE sotong head with LARGE tentacles!

On his trip back from the toilet DinoEgg request to play at the indoor playground.  I said ok since he already has his fill.  Its a small playground with 4 ducks lookalike rubber bouncy thing at one side and a long table with some beads toys at the other side.  I gave him directions to go back to our table which is pretty near to the playground (go straight, turn left and you will see us) and I went back to continue my meal.  A short while later amidst the hassle of the diners I heard a familiar "Mum!  Dad!" twice, this sets my alarm ringing, I thought DinoEgg got lost while walking back to our table.  I rushed to the playground and saw him looking around fanatically.  When he saw me, he came up to hug me saying that he was worried when he couldn't see us.  I decided to stay for a while just to reassure him.  He went back to play with the other kids, 2 girls  from our neighbouring table.  And then the 2 girls's older brother joined them, sat at a corner near the rubber ducks where the kids were riding.  1 of the girls declared war on her older brother n instigate the rest to ramp their ducks onto him.  They did... and the big boy uses his leg to push the ducks away but amongst the scuffle some one was hurt.  I decided to stay on just in case the older kid gets more physical.  A few minutes later I decided that its time to leave as the older kid seems like he is not going to be very friendly.  DinoEgg left without much persuasion.

Back to the food.  We love them!  Though according to daddy the ambience is not satisfying, too noisy.  This is coz there are a few big groups of diners who are loud n impolite (when coming to getting food from the food station).  They have a wide spread of food, from sushi to local laksa to sinful sweet deserts.  I see there are grilled food, carrot cake, garlic fried rice, some cooked food, tempura, teppanyaki, pasta, the usual drinks, coffee & tea.  I skipped the usual cooked food & pasta and tried those that I seldom get to eat while daddy tried everything.  The food are fresh which is most important.

We love the fresh, fat & juicy oysters!  Its not easy to find such great oysters, between the 2 of us we had about 2 oysters *yum yum*  I was surprise to see shishamo!  Its an expensive dish if you find them on the menu of some Japanese restaurant.  Here, I can eat as many as I can, and I did!  All 5 of them (have to leave some space for other food) !  The grill prawns is sweet & tasty too, no seasoning needed, ok maybe a dip into the wasabi for the shiok stinging rush through the nose.  The sashimi is good, not thick sliced that I would love them to be but its of decent size (which is about the size of a table spoon, not teeny tiny ones u find in some buffet).  The chilli crab is too sweet for me, its not too spicy but tts ok, the crabs are fresh n juicy, the meat does not stick to the shell.

Overall we had a good time, belly satisfied.  We only pay $34.80 each, DinoEgg gets to eat free as he is below 6 year old.  Good thing too since he only have little food, not worth the child price of $20.80.  We may go back again if time permits. 

Remarks : I am in no way affiliated to the management of Buffet Town or have been compensated to write about this. All opinions are 100% based on our experience during our visit.

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  1. :) glad you enjoyed it! Happy birthday!!

  2. Great birthday meal!

    And the oysters *drool*