Friday, July 13, 2012

Friendship Friday - You can NEVER beat the heat HERE!

Living in the Small Red Dot where its "Tropical. It’s hot and sunny all year, with two monsoon seasons (December to March and June to September) bringing heavy rains." as stated in our country's official site, we have the hot hot sun almost all year round.  The hot & humid climate seems to favour our friends & visitors from the western side of the world who would be out in the streets walking clad in tees with or w/o sleeves, shorts/bermudas & flip flops, lazing under it beside swimming pools or the beach sun tanning.  We, the locals however prefer to stay away from Mr Sun by hiding indoors where the cool air flows.

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You would have thought that living here for all my life I would have gotten used to the weather.  Sorry to disappoint you but my skin does not grow thicker by years or become insulated as I age.  I am still having issues with it plus I think the temperature seems to be rising every year!

The night is not forgiving too after Mr Sun knocks off from work.  The heat & humidity lingers like forever.  You get all sticky n perspiring seconds after you stepped out of a shower.  Come out from a place room with the AC blasting like the north pole and you will be hit by the warm heat like being slammed into by a truck. 

Water & electricity bill is always the highest during these months with more showers daily & AC everyday from the moment we hit the sack till the time we wake up the next day.

Weekdays are bearable since I am in the office most of the day, only under the sun for an hour during lunch time.  I would love to hide at home with the fan (too painful on the pocket if we turn on the AC instead) on full blast on weekends but I have to brave the heat to bring DinoEgg to his art class *cringe* luckily his class is in the evening, but Mr Sun is still glaring & hot when we leave the house.  

During these hot days I allow myself & DinoEgg to over indulge in ice creams, cold icy frizzy drinks & cold yogurt.  Daddy prefers ice cold beer which I would love to join him but I really do not like the after taste.

Sure, we can't beat the heat but we learn how to get by when the weather is -almost- unbearable.  We spend the weekends in the big shopping malls having our shopping craves fix at the same time we can settle meals, let the kids run around in the indoor kids playground and best of all enjoy the cool & breezy AC.... FOC.  Great family outing yay?
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Friendship Friday - Friend of the week

Amie is a full time working mother of 3 beautiful kids.  Amie is quiet, calm & serenity as compare to the loud, noisy & drama mama me.  That's what I like about her, she balances the craziness in a gathering, she brings me back to earth before I gets carried away.

Having said that I would suggest that you do not mess with Amie, especially when it concerns her kids, a group of school bullies found it out the hard way.

Drop by her blog to say Hi! While you are there, check out her posts on her recent Bali holiday with her family.
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  1. Hi babe, very honoured to be ur friend of the week. I like ur carefree & craziness company coz u always make me laugh :)

    1. Sorry, finished my post late last nite n forgot to tag u when i made that post =)

      Hope to see u become as crazy as ME soon... VERY soon! kekeke!

  2. I like the way you describe Amie and let me know her better, thanks Jenn!

    xo jean

    1. Jean, we need to be acquainted with you too! When are u ever going to join us for our wacky gatherings?

  3. Stopping by from Friendship Friday - great idea on how to keep cool! I always go for ice cream too :)

    1. Hi Ana, thanks for dropping by =)

      Its a never ending challenge to out wit Mr Sun n its accomplices.

  4. I really like your blog. It's always exciting to hear about mom's in action, thanks for sharing Aimie's story. I'm a new follower, have a fantastic weekend.