Friday, August 3, 2012

Birthday Parties are suppose to be FUN

2 days ago I dragged out my BIG bag of stuffs (I really have NO IDEA what is inside there) to sort them through.  After emptying the bag I found some old stocks for my online shop, some party stuffs, some plastic bags etc.  I discovered I have 3 packets of Ben10 plastic goodie bag, like this one here.  Each packet contains 8 bags so i have like 24 bags, crumpled but otherwise new.

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I show it to DinoEgg who is sitting besides me watching tv, telling him I've got no idea what to do with them.  This little fella exclaimed "Mummy!  We can use it for our party next week!"  Great idea right?  It is!! IF party theme is not Transformer, which incidentally I found a handful of transformer theme party deco and toys in tt BIG bag too.  And DinoEgg's reply really makes my heart melts by saying "Mummy, its ok, we can still use it. Never mind if its not Transformer."

I felt a smack on my forehead, a light bulb that went "ting!" above my head.

Here I am trying to plan his party at the last minute, willing to spend money to buy every thing Transformer related and to making it right for him.  And he said such sweet things.  Makes me wonder whether I am the one who is rigid and wanting it or demanding it to be a PERFECT party where all he want is just to have a cake of his choice and loads of fun on this special day.

Ok, so this year, I shall relax abit, try not to be bothered about the mismatched goodie bags, deco of totally wrong color theme and a truck load other stuffs *cringe*.  I shall use whatever I have on hand and let every one, including myself, to have plain old FUN.

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  1. Eh... you got inspired when we say you worry too much right? Haha!!

  2. Nope, realised tt when I was talking to DinoEgg, but denying still. Ytd went to buy goodie bags stuffs n dunno what to get. Wanted to pen it down ytd night but hesitating. Decided to let it go after u ladies tell me tt.

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  4. i think the kids are least bothered about these stuff. It's the mommies who frets! :p