Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our Favourite Red Tee

As usual, in celebration of the Nation's birthday on 9th August 2012, the school has request the kids to dress in the color of our flag; Red & White.  DinoEgg was very excited about it, this mummy has forgotten about it and failed to get a pair of white/beige pants in advance.  So we have to do a last minute dash in the mall to search for it, finally found 1 shorts from 1 of the pushcart, lucky us; to be able to find 1 and at a price of only $5.  I was prepared to pay more to get my hands on 1 pants/shorts just for the day.

This morning we almost couldn't find The Red Tee, but managed to find it amongst the mountains of tees.  DinoEgg put the clothes on and dash off to our bedroom to see himself in the mirror, after that he pose for me.

And why is this tee so special that we call it The Tee?

We bought this $8 red tee 8 years ago and he has been wearing it to the school's party since then.  I told daddy that its value for money though he only wear it once a year but its better then buying 1 red tee every year right?  Ok, a bargain seeking auntie talking here hahaha!

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