Friday, August 24, 2012

Photo *Heart* Friday - She is my Sister

She is 4 years older then me, we were the only 2 girls out of the 4 kids in the family but as with most siblings, we were never close when we were young.  She probably wish I would disappear from her sight but I always like to sneak around her.  She finds me nosey & irritating but I swear that I wasn't trying to get into her nerves.   I admit that I rampaged her drawers n wardrobe when she is not in the house.  Aye, what do you expect?  She is already in the more colorful & excited world when I was just starting to get curious about it.

And then she got married, moved out of the nest.  I only get to see her once a week.

Soon after I got married and got my own nest.  We tried to go back to Mum's on the same day so that we will still see each other once a week.

As we get on with our individual work & family life, all those unhappy times were long forgotten, no longer important.

We have grown closer.

She is my Sister.  My one and only Sister.

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  1. Awww So sweet :) My sister and I are planning a holiday together, just the two of us! But we've been planning for years so we'll see :)

  2. Where are you ladies going? Make it happen!

  3. Yeah this is so sweet! Wish I had a sista to annoy!

  4. Nice post! I think your blog is getting better every time I pop by!~ Great work!!~ Just became your follower on GFC!


    1. Wow tts a BIG compliment that makes my days =) Thanks Summer!