Friday, August 31, 2012

Photo *Hearts* Friday - Father & Son

Since DinoEgg was a toddler I've been bringing him to watch plays, he enjoys it alot though initially he has difficulty understanding the idea of sitting in an almost dark theatre and watching a bunch of people doing silly things, talking & singing on the elevated small area.  He keeps asking me about questions, like what is this character doing, why this why that.  Gradually he understands and can enjoy the play better.

After being a "seasoned children's play" goer, I thought I'd start to expose him to something different.  We went for Drum of Tao on 18 August 2012.  His first "adult" performance and what's more?  Daddy joins us for the first time!  Woohoo!  Double treats on one day!

Look at how happy DinoEgg is to have daddy with him sitting in the theatre waiting for the performance to start.

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  1. Father and son really look so alike!! Glad that they are loving watching the play together.

    1. They love each other's company, and they enjoy the performance alot.

  2. it seems they enjoy it much...yeah, i agree with Dominique they are look alike...