Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our Boo-boo is healing well

DinoPapa changed DinoEgg's dressing ytd, I took a photo of the healing wound.  Its looking better (less gross), the wound is closing up well, Thank Goodness!  No pus & not bleeding.

He was walking & running like nothing is wrong on the way home from school & during dinner time at the nearby mall earlier. The minute DinoPapa changed his dressing, he suddenly turn into the "Z's leg very pain" boy. He wants me to carry him to the toilet as he need to poo-poo which I promptly refuse.  So he sits in his yellow chair & scoots off to the toilet instead of walking to the toilet, which is faster.  Talk about being dramatic...

I met up with bestie today and got this from her, a "belated birthday pressie" she said.  "Hard earned" pressie as she queued for 2 hours during the recent Toyrus LEGO sale just to get into the event.  I will let DinoEgg know and ensure that he treasure this.  I am very sure he will be happy to receive this pressie.

A big THANK YOU to all our friends & relatives who have showed concerns on him & his big Boo-boo!

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