Friday, October 12, 2012

Foodie Fridays {Linky} - Simple 2 veg + 1 soup dinner

The boys are out at 6th Ah Yee's house one Sunday, I was suppose to write a blog post but no inspiration, thus I decided to cook dinner.  I went off to the nearby NTUC with nothing in mind to cook, except the potato omelette which I had wanted to cook the week before.

I walk around the supermarket, taking in every thing in the food section, looking at each food and going through my mind what can I cook with it. Then I saw duck wings and have sudden craving for salty vegetable duck soup. I know the basic ingredients like duck & salty vegetables but not sure of the other necessary ingredients. Ah~~~ the wonders of modern technology~~ I text my cooking mama Adeline and she gave me part of the recipe, she wasn't sure as she has never cook that before.   A quick check with Guru Google to confirm the missing ingredients and off I go grabbing the ingredients flying out of the supermarket in 30mins.

Potato Omelette

Stir fried french beans with prawns

Salty Vegetable duck soup

This was probably the saddest dinner preparation because the next day my cookbook drown.  Our very expensive kettle leaks and the water sips out slowly to the kitchen counter top and onto my cookbook while we were out at work.  It was soak through and I could not save it, the pages stuck together, any attempt to peel the pages apart will tear them into pieces.  Lucky this cookbook only cost me SGD5, otherwise my heart will feel very pain and I will feel doubly sad.

I wanted to share with you the recipe of the potato omelette, looks like now it will be a mystery forever, or till I managed to get my hands on the same cookbook again.  If anyone see this in any book store, please drop me a line and tell me.  Thanks a million!
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I am hosting a weekly Foodie Fridays linky, join me if you can, I'll be very happy to welcome you on board.

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  1. Maybe Guru Google can help with the recipe for the potato omelette. Perhaps not the exact one but something close enough?

    Would love to get the recipe (even if it's a rough one) for the salted veg duck soup.

    1. Serene, the salted veg duck soup? Simple!

      This is what i use for a small pot of soup enough for 3-4 adults;
      1 packet of duck wings (my packet from NTUC have 4 big wings)
      1 packet of salted vegetables
      2 tomatoes

      - Clean the duck wings, blanch in hot water
      - Soak the salted vegetables (I use 1 big half n a small half. I soak for about 15mins, change the water twice, taste the veg n its not salty so i drain the water)
      - Cut the salted veg into stripes
      - Put a pot of water to boil and add in the duck wings
      - Threw in the duck wings to boil on big fire for 15mins, throw in the salted veg.
      - Boil with small fire for 2hours+
      - Add in the tomatos and the sour plum and boil for another 30mins.
      - Serve!

      I read online that you can add white pepper corns but I did not coz my son cannot take spicy food yet.

  2. Lovely meal you cooked Jen. Have yet to try other Chinese soups for the family yet.

    1. Thanks Dominique~ Try out the chinese soups some day, its healthy n tasty.