Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October Playbook: Follow the Giggles {linky} - Something Silly about A Wacky Wednesday with The Cat

We did the Day #1 task of October Playbook initiated by The Playful Parents, reading something silly.  We have a few silly books but none as funny as Dr Seuss' Wacky Wednesday! (This is 1 of the first few Dr Seuss books I got for DinoEgg and it got him hooked on his books).  Its always refreshing every time we pick it up and have a load of fun & laughter before heading off to our dreamland.

It all started here...

And we are on our way to find many more things that are wacky, from 1 wacky thing all the way to 20 of them!

 Can you find the 20 wacky things in the picture below?

And finally we went to bed together with the boy *yawn*

~ ~ ~

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