Friday, October 5, 2012

Photo *Heart* Fridays - A Photography tip with Panlong from Dragonvale

Not exactly the REAL Panlong.  If you are playing Dragonvale (an iphone apps) you will know who Panlong is, otherwise click here to see the real Panlong.

We chance upon this beautiful dragon while walking along New Bridge Road, its one of the decoration for the Mid Autumn Festival.  We saw this gigantic dragon from afar and DinoEgg exclaimed "Panlong!" in excitement and wanted to take photo with it.  Once we have crossed the road to the opposite side they ran close to the dragon and strike a pose~

It did not turn out well.  They look so tiny!

So I got them to stand closer to me, now it looks better!  Both of them are proportionate with the dragon and I can see their handsome face.

There you have it!  You do not necessary have to stand next to the object you wish to have your photo taken, play around with the distant & perspective to take a better photo.  

Have fun taking your photos~

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