Monday, November 5, 2012

Mom's Simple Pleasures - 7 Pleasures for Sanity's sake!

"If you want to enjoy life, go on holidays or do anything adventurous, better do it now.  Once you have kids it may not materialize." they said.

How true.  Not on the holiday or adventurous part but rather on the "kids comes first" aspect.  As a FTWP we spend most of our time away from home and away from our son thus its natural that he wants our attention the minute we fetch him from school.  Ok wait, did I just said he wants OUR attention?  It should be MY attention.  Nothing against DinoPapa but its the Mummy thing; Mum can I have this -sweet-?  Mum can I watch tv?  Mum can you please bath me?  Mum I need a glass of water.  Mum can you help me scratch my back? Mum can you please sleep with me?  And the list goes on...

Sometimes its so overwhelming that I just wish that I can wish myself away at that instant, of course that is not possible.  So what can I do to keep myself sane?

1. Dream dream dream~
Sleep it off babe!  In the comfort of my bed all to myself with the AC at the just nice temperature so that I can have an uninterrupted 3 hours (at least) of nap. 

2. Blast the house with my favourite singers' CDs
LOUD! It helps me clear my mind, relax my tensed up body and muscles. Works best if I am singing to the song son top of my voice too. RELIEVE after that!  伍佰 WU BAI 伍佰 WU BAI 伍佰 WU BAI!!!

3. Read a book, read many books!
I'm a book worm, I love books, and I mean REAL books, not e-books or scrolling through pdf version on the computer.  There seems to be a calming effect for me when I hold the books in my hand, smelling the pages and let my mind wander off to where ever the book takes me.

4. Body Massages
I've always love massages but can't find time to go especially after DinoEgg is born.  Now that he is older and I can leave him with DinoPapa I am back to my massaging days.  I would love to go as often as once every 3 weeks but some times our schedule just do not allow me to do so. 

5. Doing the laundry
Yupe!  Its very satisfying to see my TWO laundry baskets with clothes spilling out both emptied.  The clothes washed, dried with the fresh smelling fragrance from Mr Sun.  Sense of accomplishment!
6. Window shopping
I usually buy things online, but I love to walk the malls especially on a weekday in the afternoon where there are lesser crowds to jostle with.  Sometimes if I feel the need to have retail therapy I will go all out and buy food and stuffs for the family or the house.  I will usually end the trip with a ice blended caffeinated drink on one of the coffee joints.

7. Staring into the space...
For like 30 secs without interruptions.  Let my eyes stare straight in front but not focusing on anything then let my mind drift into emptiness.  This is my favourite pleasures as it takes only 30 secs of my time, best of all I can do it any time any where.

There! I'm back to the earth after doing some of the above, back to sanity to face the challenges of motherhood again.

Do you have your own pleasures to keep you in shape both mentally and physically to face the challenges from family and work?  Do share yours with me!  

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  1. Eh... I can so relate to the Mum-this and Mum-that questions. I have it worse cos now C just UH! AH! EH! Piiiiiiiiiiiiiish!! me!

    1. I'm in my 6th year and predict that its going to be a while more ok wait let me rephrase, it will be a LONG time before I stop hearing that and then I'll start missing those irritating sound *sigh* W-O-M-E-N ...

  2. Eh! Sentiments exact! Me also no like e-books and all. Somehow, flipping through real pages is therapeutic! And wah... I want to try your 30 seconds stare into space thing. Simplest pleasure of all. Must put timer to wake me up? :p Thanks for linking Jen!

    1. No timer needed, its all controlled by your mind
      Happy zonking out~~~

  3. Agreed man! I love to stare out of the window and just emo. It's awesome and where I get my inspirations for my blog posts haha.

    1. You can inspirational while doing that? I get nothing coz it was meant for me to be away mentally hehehe~

  4. I love to have long drives but not the peak hour kind. Cruising looking at the nice scenary (if there is) and listening to the radio always makes my day. :D