Monday, December 10, 2012

Advent Activities - An impressive ribbon bow on your gift

I've always like to wrap up gifts but cringe on the idea of paying $2 - $5 (or even more) for some fancy ribbons or bows to put on the gifts.  So I learn how to make them, its pretty easy to do and you can have a pretty ribbon bow for your in less then 10 mins.

You need some ribbons, I bought my wired ribbons from Daiso (they have quite a decent selection) @ $2 each, which is a good deal since you can make a few ribbon bows from one roll of ribbon.  You can try to find some at Art Friend which may cost more, I saw some ribbons in SKP but forgot to check out the prices.

Ready to make a ribbon bow that your friends will envy?

Step #1
Make a loop with the ribbon, use a tape to hold them together, it will hold them down but it will do.  The diameter of the loop will determine the size of your bow.

Step #2
Loop the ribbons about 5 times, if you are making a big bow then you have to loop them about 6 - 7 times.  Keep the ribbons looped tight.

Step #3
Flatten the loop.

Step #4
Fold them into half.

Step #5
Cut out triangles on each side at the folded part on each side.

Step #6
Tie the loop tight with a small string of ribbon.

Step #7
Separate the loops individually, twist them up and down to "fluf" the bow up.

And you are done!

Tie the bow to the ribbons on the gift and snip off the extra from the small ribbon.

There you have it!  A beautiful ribbon bow on your gift!  Add in your gift tag and the gift is ready to be given to that special some one.

Christmas is a favourite and most celebrated day for every one because of the gifting, the children are the happiest as they will receive many gifts, some even can hint or request special toys/gadgets from their parents.  

Do you know that in the Christian religion, gifting can be traced back to the 3 Wise Men (Magi) of the Christmas story, who traveled from very far to bring gift offerings to baby Jesus?


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This activity is part of an Advent Activities series where we aim to share on a daily basis the various activities we are doing as we lead into Christmas!

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  1. I like the bow. Easy enough. Thanks for the tutorial!
    And the ginger bread man looks yummy!

    1. Thanks!
      My first bow looks beautiful while the 2nd one is a flop, not sure what went wrong but I get better after that.

  2. How did I miss this post?!? these bows are so lovely!! and well made! *love*

    1. hmm.. because you were busy?
      try making them yourself =)