Friday, December 21, 2012

Foodie Friday - Grilled Chicken Thigh

A friend shared a photo of a nicely grilled chicken drum sticks on facebook which immediately caught my attention. I look at the recipe and was grinning straight away as its a simple recipe which I want to try my hands on as I know DinoPapa will love it.  A few days later, I managed to make this and even though it was half success I am determine to try to do it again.

* 5 chicken thigh
* 3-4 tablespoon of basil leaves
* Some salt
* 5 tablespoon of minced garlic
* 150g of butter, cut into small pieces
* 3 lemons; 2 juiced and 1 sliced
* 1 onion, diced
* Some honey

1. Rub salt on the chicken thigh, leave for 5mins.
2. Mix the basil leaves, minced garlic & butter and stuff them in between the meat and skin.
3. Pour the lemon juice on top of the chicken thigh, add in the diced onions, set aside to marinate for an hour.
4. Pre-heat your oven to 220Deg.
5. Brush some butter onto the chicken thigh.
6. Put the sliced lemon and some onions onto a baking tray.
7. Grill the chicken thigh for 35 -  40 mins.
8. At the last 8 mins, brush some honey onto the chicken thigh.
9. Continue to grill but have to monitor the chicken thigh to prevent it from charring.  The chicken thigh is ready when the chicken skin turns golden brown.

Stuffed with basil leaves, minced garlic and butter
Marinating the chicken thigh
32 mins into grilling
40 mins into grilling, see the skin, so shiny and golden

- The recipe I saw on fb did not indicate the measurement unit for each of the ingredients used, thus I only use 1 lemon, 1 onion, 1 small packet of basil leaves and about 50g of butter for 5 chicken thighs.  That was clearly not enough as the chicken thighs taste "Ok' only.
- I have inserted the numbers in the recipe above base on the amount I used and made a little bit of adjustment.  I think this is a very flexible recipe (perhaps that's the reason why the measuring units is being omitted in the first place), you can add more or less of any of the ingredient to suit your taste.
- Our brush went missing, DinoPapa rationale that since the heat will melt the butter and honey, they will flow down onto the rest of the chicken so he suggests that we place small pieces of butter on top of the chicken and use a teaspoon to drip the honey on.  Reasonable, but this resulted in patchy chicken thighs.  Nonetheless, it still taste good and the 3 of us enjoy it a lot as a late night supper.

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  1. Sigh... Am looking at this after the bee hoon!!!! Try red wine and honey with a dash of pepper and salt next time :)

    1. Cant try red wine if DinoBoy is eating =) I don't want to end up with a hyper active boy hahha~