Monday, January 7, 2013

Starting Primary One #8 - The First day of school

I spent the previous night wrapping the school books and exercise books, luckily I bought the plastic book jacket so it makes the task easier.  I even bought a labelling machine so that I can print DinoBoy's name and class, Type+Print+Peel and stick them onto the text books, save me the energy to write .  However it just doesn't seems right to stick a label on the exercise books so I made DinoBoy write his name instead.

Its the first day of school!  I'm so excited that I forgot to buy bread and jam (which incidentally is not a common item in the household) so I woke up at 4.30am to bake cupcakes as DinoBoy's breakfast and also to bring some to school.  About an hour later I have 18 beautiful medium cupcakes ready to be eaten.

Luckily I won a lunch box from JEDPacks! giveaway contest, I can put 4 medium cupcakes into it and these are going to school with DinoBoy.

6am - Time for DinoBoy to wake up!  Its an hour earlier then his usual wake up time, he has difficulty keeping his eyes open.  I have to go into the room to wake him up a couple of times.  Finally he is up, washed up, have 3 cupcakes and changed into his school uniform excitedly.

Oh boy!  He does look smart in his school uniform~ And... *sob sob* my little precious boy is growing up!

The bag is ok for him but the shoulder straps does not fit him well.  He is small frame and the straps are too padded and are spaced too far apart so they dun rest nicely on his shoulder.  I have to carry the bag for him otherwise he will have to keep his shoulder shrugged to prevent the straps from falling off.  Going to look for another suitable bag for him later.

It took us about 10mins to walk to school, I thought it was a long walk and DinoBoy will be tired but surprisingly he was ok with it.  Perhaps the idea of going to Primary school -finally- kept his adrenalin pumping and going.

It was chaos at the school gate, as expected.  There are cars packed by the road side, some even double parked too.  As parents were not allowed to enter the school, not even the parents of Primary One students, they were hanging around the gate either watching their child walk into the school or chatting with each other thus creating a crowd outside the school.  I guess its the Primary One students' parents who were the ones that couldn't bear to leave since they are worried about their child; whether they can find the class room, adapt well to the class routine etc.

I wanted to kiss DinoBoy goodbye; our usual routine in the morning but he refuse!  He avoided my kiss and pushed my face away!  So sad!!!!  Then again, this just show that my boy is growing up and feel shy to let every one see "My mum is kissing me!" So I let him go, he trotted into the school with the bag, did not even turn around to say "Good-Bye" to me.

I left the school with Catherine to the nearby mall for our breakfast as we will be going back to school for the Primary One recess time at 9.15am, the school is releasing them 15mins early.

We were back to the school at around 9am, there were already parents queueing at the security guard house, every one is restless and eager to walk into the school.

The parents were finally allowed into the school where we heads off to the canteen. The school have put up fences around the canteen to prevent the parents to go up to our kids as we were there to ONLY observe how our kids buy their food from the stall with the help of their buddy.

The school have designated tables for each classes and have put the class clearly at the side of the table so the parents will know where their child will be sitting.

I managed to find DinoBoy amongst the crowd (gosh all the kids seems to look so alike each other!), but I lost him when he went off to buy food with his buddy.  He came back to the table to enjoy his cheese sandwich, I took many photographs of him eat and chatting with his classmates, he was clearly enjoying his time.  Then he saw me with the camera and he hides his face with the half eaten cheese sandwich.

We left when recess time is over and the kids queue up to go back to their respective classes.  It was an exciting day for me, from what I observed today I have no doubt that he will be adapting well in primary school life.

~ ~ ~

For the next few weeks I will be sharing our experience on our preparation for DinoBoy's Primary One.  I hope it will serve as a useful guide to parents when its their time to get their child ready for the new journey and have an idea how Parent Volunteer works.

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  1. Wake up at 430 to make cupcakes! Shi shang zhi you mama hao....

    1. Ya, crazy right? The things we do for our kids and family =D

  2. Although it will be quite a number of years before my son will enter this stage of life, but I found this post really interesting just to get a glimpse into what school is like for kids these days. Got ‘buddy’ system some more to help ease the new kids into finding their way around. Really good idea actually!

    1. Yupe, I don't remember we have that during my time!