Friday, April 5, 2013

An unsightly act caught on camera

DinoBoy has this habit which irks me to the core but no amount of communication with him in various ways make him stop this.

Actually it is not entirely his fault, he has sensitive airway so if the quality of the air is a little not so great his nose will either be blocked or he will be sneezing frequently.  Either way he will have lots of mucus that choke up his nostrils (Ewww... kinda gross I know) and so he does this...

It is not a pretty sight to see a 7 year old (or any child) do this so I decided to take photos of him doing the "crime".  Alright, before you call me cruel or insensitive or any negative/ugly names, read on.

Shortly after I took these 2 photos I showed them to DinoBoy who stared at it wide eyed and in disbelief.  A week has passed and I have not see him doing such thing again.  Therefore at the end of the day, both of us win; he kicked his habit and I have 1 less item on my long list to nag at him.

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  1. That is a nice way to deal with such undesirable habit.

  2. Jen!! Can try this method on what we spoke about this morning!! :D