Tuesday, May 21, 2013

No complaints are too small to be ignored

I was reading my book on the train as usual while commuting to work, then I have this sudden nagging urge to put down the book n pick up the phone.  Its not my habit look at the phone while on the book, anyway I took the gadget out and saw 2 missed calls from a familiar number - The School.

A few things flashed across my mind when I see that number.
1. Is he injured?
2. Did he injured some one?
3. Is he sick?
4. Did he get himself into trouble and the Principal wants to see me?

Alright maybe #4 is a little bit unreal since school just started 6 minutes ago.  Anyway I returned call and it turns out that DinoBoy was feeling unwell.  I immediately hopped off the train and took the train from the opposite direction to go back.

I was met with a pale scrunched up faced DinoBoy.  He was sent to the sick bay after complaining of stomach pain and he also vomited once earlier.  My heart ache, how did a normal morning turned out like this?

This morning he does not want breakfast, not unusual but he rarely skips breakfast, I thought it was just one of those rare days, I gave him a cup of milk and we starts to get ourselves ready to leave the house soon.  He paid a visit to the toilet for his "big business" and complained about tummy aches after that but I thought perhaps that cup of milk has kicked off his system and made him hungry.  Plus he always mixed up tummy pain with hunger so I did not think too much about it.  We went off to school without breakfast as there were no time.

Well, if it's comforting, this was not caused by skipping this morning's breakfast as the doctor confirmed, DinoBoy's having stomach flu with bloated stomach which may have happened over the night.  Now how did I missed the sign(s) that he is not feeling well?  Perhaps I should have paid more attention to his "tummy pain" complain instead of brushing it off as nothing serious.

Ok lesson learnt, luckily it was not a painful or regretful one.  I shall be more attentive to this little fella instead of taking all his complains/whines lightly.

Enjoying his Long John Silver breakfast

An hour later we left the clinic and heads off to Long John Silver for our late breakfast (well, its either this or Mcdonalds).  For a boy who complains of stomachache and vomited earlier he sure have a good appetite and finishes off a Big Fish meal all by himself!  Either he is really famished or his stomach feels better after he vomited.

Its 4.50pm, I have been keeping an eye on him, after taking the medicine there are no sign of feeling lethargic and wanting to vomit though occasionally still complains about tummy pain .  He's been cheerful and happy since we got home, playing with his toys, ipad and watching tv.  No screen time during weekdays I know but he is SICK, so it does not count?  Ok unreasonable Mum trying to reason out here.  Truth is, I'm feeling a little bit guilty for what happened this morning and trying to make myself feel better by giving him the privileges.

Get well soon son!  I promise you that the next time you complain of any discomfort, Mummy is going to show more concern and be more attentive, I shall try to find out the cause of it and deal with it in a much better manner then today.

On a side note, I am really glad that I am working in a company with understanding bosses.  I have been taking a tad too many annual leaves (sometimes urgent leave) during the pass 2 months but they did not show any unhappiness about it because they know about my current situation at home.   

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