Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Double Up Loan Promo in the Libraries!

Yesterday we decided to drop by the neighborhood library after our dinner to pick up a book that I have reserved.  While I was collecting the book the librarian told me that the libraries are having a Double Up Loan promo till 11 August 2013.  This means that basic members can borrow up till 16 books including 6 audio-visual materials.

What a piece of good news to us!  Especially when we are on our June Holiday Reading Project.  I told DinoBoy about it and off he went to find some books, 5 mins later he came back with a huge pile of books!  I have to "reject" a couple of books as they were for much older kids.  I seriously doubt that he read the short synopsis at the back of the book instead he chose the books either because the front cover appeals to him or he likes the book title.  Well, I'm fine with that, I just have to make sure that he read the books.

I also managed to find 2 Dr Seuss DVDs in the shelves, no need for me to make reservations for them, I shall come back and go through the shelves after we finished the ones we loaned earlier.

DinoBoy has finished reading one of the Bug Buddies book yesterday night during our Reading Time while I am reading The Fox Busters (its the yellow book with the chicken in front).  We are looking forward to do the book reviews later this week.

So don't miss out this opportunity, head out to the nearest library and grab some books to entertain yourself or you kids this June Holiday!  

Have fun reading!  I know we will!


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